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Sound Advertising With:
Auto Attendant & Voice Mail Prompts,
On-Hold Services, Radio & TV Audio Productions, Demos

Our Studios are both; analog and digital, this enables us to provide you with whatever your needs may be. It also provides us with the ability to transport our service world wide. With several formats and styles of media, Arctic Echoes can provide you with the best sound in a timely manner. When it is THE customer on the line,you can be sure that we will come through for YOU,so you can come through for your customer.
  • We provide you with fun custom messages
  • We keep information current
  • Prices to fit your budget
  • We make the "On Hold" experience pleasant and profitable for you!


If you have property that you are going to be placing on the market, talk to your Real Estate agent about using Drive By Broadcasting! If you are in the South Central Alaska area, we can place you in contact with the Drive By Broadcasting transmitters, and voice work. If you are out side the area we can place you in touch with a sales associate who can help you with this service, and to make their life easier, Arctic Echoes can produce audio for the units and send it world wide via a number of forms of media.

What is Drive By Broadcasting? Have you ever sat back and thought "if only these walls could talk....." now that is a possibility, Arctic Echoes along with Drive by broadcasting brings you the talking wall system. The talking wall is a portable low power radio broadcasting unit that is simple to use and a great marketing tool. This tool will allow the building to 'speak for its self', with a little help from the crew at Arctic Echoes. Click here for an example.


Call us at
(907) 441-8008
Arctic Echoes
PO Box 232521
Anchorage, Alaska


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