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Arctic Echoes now has a photo section titled: "Echoes Of You".

We are able to help you devise new concepts for your business, and on a personal level, keep echoing memories alive with time captured to photos.

Within the pages following you will see items that have captured the attention of our staff. Some of the shots may make you smile, Be Inspired, Shed A Tear, or just let you see someone elses point of view. Enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you

SOAM - Sliver Of A Man - We call him Sam for short, One of our little friends who shows no fear.

Lock Horn Moose - On the 24th day of September of 2004, Someone called the University Police at UAA and reported a foul smell by one of the campus buildings. A UPD officer responded and to assist in the expedition of locating the source the officer also requested a K-9 unit form the neighboring agency the Anchorage Police Department. An off duty Emergency Dispatcher from UPD also arrived to bring one of the officers some fresh equipment when a column of steam and a stronger stench peeked his attention. The following Photographs are what was discovered shortly after.

AEAP Photo show - These are some general Photos from around the Anchorage Area.


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