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Sourdough Pete Relives the 1925 Urgent Serum Run To Nome.

Join us, as we venture into the event of a lifetime. We will step back into time and join the original 20 musher's as they rush the life saving serum to a community in Northwest Alaska.

Sourdough Pete revisits the event as only he can. Get the detail of the events as though you were there in 1925. Learn how a band of fellow Alaskans, as a team, reduce the devastation of an epidemic of diphtheria.

We, of Arctic Echoes, want to thank you for your patronage, and hope that you enjoy this Limited Edition audio race to Nome, as much as we enjoyed producing it for you. Each of the disks are numbered, one disk per mile of the 647 mile race to Nome.

As with all post event re-counts, as few as possible creative liberties have been taken to make this production, the events as a whole, are accurate and intact. Our resurch staff had gone to great lengths to provide you with the best information that was availible, and we feel it an honor to be able to present it to you.

We owe many thanks, first to Pete's wife, for allowing us the time spent. for information and encouragement. Countless points of contact for information while conducting research. My parents for raising me right. Andrew Fortuine for the music. I know that I have not been able to mention everyone, however know that we could not have done this without your help, Thank you.


Click Here for a short (3:25) demo

Each disk is 42:42 in length, the cost per disk is $18.95 USD. To order a disk send us an e-mail. We gladly will take payment using Pay-Pal or cheques via snail mail. Please no finiancial information via e-mail.

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